Hard work and commitment will bring the Runnin’ Rebels back

By Marvin Menzies via Las Vegas Sun Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016 | 2 a.m

Brian Greenspun is taking some time off and is turning over his Where I Stand column to others. Today’s guest columnist is Marvin Menzies, preparing for his first season as UNLV men’s basketball coach.

Sitting in the head coach’s chair of a collegiate men’s basketball program at a school such as UNLV requires a CEO’s mentality.

I have a vision of where I would like the program to be. The challenge is being able to see the big picture and managing all of the pieces to fit together to achieve the goals that we set.

When I was hired in April, there were only three scholarship players on our roster. We moved quickly, assembling a coaching staff that is national in nature and to match the power of the Runnin’ Rebel brand.