Academic Success



I believe that the young men entering this college are student-athletes.  Student is the primary role and their main focus.  Promoting academic excellence will be a part of this program.  With striving for and maintaining success in the classroom, you will strive for and maintain success on the court.

The players in my program are at this university to get a degree.  It is my responsibility to assist them, to mentor them, to guide them and to continually assure them that all this hard work does pay off.  Through self-discipline, motivation and persistence, a program can be and will be successful in the classroom.

As a basketball coach, I am a teacher.  My teaching efforts are not limited to the basketball court or the classroom.  My number one commitment as an educator is to academic development and achievement.  Besides being educated in basketball, each student-athlete in the program must be educated in discipline, honesty, integrity and morality.  The academic system for my program will be implemented will provide student-athletes with support, guidance and attention to meet this goal.  I believe that many people on campus can play a part in the overall education of our student athletes.  A mentoring program comprised of faculty and staff is important to address several factors attributed to attrition.  Mentors intervene directly and indirectly with the student-athlete in two areas; life management and academic performance management.

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Academic Progress Rate Progression Chart

NMSU Under Marvin Menzies


The APR, or Academic Progress Rate, holds institutions accountable for the academic progress of their student-athletes through a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete for each academic term.


Year Overall (4-year average) Single Year Score
06-07 835
07-08 848 889
08-09 900 900
09-10 906 957
10-11 926 960
11-12 942 944
12-13 961 981
13-14 968 980