How We Work

When an individual is focused on achieving a given task and acts upon a passion for excellence and enthusiasm, goals can be achieved. When these tasks are achieved with integrity, there is a great sense of respect for an individual. These individuals will possess an awareness of the value of human beings and perseverance. While happiness and peace is different for each individual, fulfillment is when goals are achieved without compromising standards. An even greater fulfillment is when I am able to help others achieve their dreams and goals.
    • Loyalty

      Everyone involved in the program must have similar beliefs and are working toward common goals. Of course, there will be individual differences, but these differences must be resolved within the team concept and with the understanding that the Head Coach will make the final decision. We must be loyal to one another.

    • Dedication

      In order for a program to obtain its full potential and to reach its goals, the members must dedicate their minds, their bodies, and everything within them to the goals of the program. Each team member must understand that a large amount of time, effort and sacrifice will be demanded as a small price for their development and success in the program.

    • Goals

      Goals provide a basic framework of achievement. A successful program must have direction and purpose by defining its goals. Without goals, a program will never reach its full potential. With goals, we have the courage to try. Each member of the program must specify individual and program goals.

    • Discipline

      Every member of the program must act and behave in accordance with rules of conduct. This is essential for a program to operate and to have an opportunity to reach its full potential. The team must understand that through discipline every one remains on the same page and that one common goal of being the best is at the core of everything the program does. Discipline can simply be tough love within a family.

    • Hard Work

      I believe through long hours and hard work success will be obtained. If a program wants to reach the top you must be willing to put in countless and demanding hours. I have never known a successful person who did not have a positive hard work ethic.

    • Confidence

      Wanting to reach your full potential means believing that you can reach it. If you do not have confidence, it will be very difficult for you to reach any potential. When a person loses confidence in oneself, then worry, doubt and fear are emotions that can interfere with a person reaching his full potential. “If you do not believe, no one else will.” Players must remain confident.