The Menzies Effect planting roots at UNLV

The Menzies Effect planting roots at UNLV

Published 5:54 pm, Friday, December 9, 2016

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Marvin Menzies leaned into the group and, intimating there was more of the story that could be told, asked with a laugh: “You want the off-the-record-version or the real version?”

One reporter was working on a story, so on the record it was.

UNLV’s first-year coach spent the next few minutes inside a Las Vegas hotel conference room describing the ruse he used to help convince San Diego State coach Steve Fisher to hire him as an assistant.

Menzies’ voice rose and fell with each plot twist, eyes gleaming, mischievous mirk growing to goatee-stretching belly laugh.

The story reached a perfect crescendo, spilling a roar of laughter from the room into the hallway.

The Menzies Effect at work…