Over 35 years of coaching experience! Strong knowledge of basketball coaching techniques. Excellent communication skills. Very strong interpersonal skills; proven strengths in motivating and working with players. Relentless recruiter with large recruiting contact base.

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Giving back is a very important part of why I do what I do. I got into the business of basketball almost by accident. My career began by becoming a volunteer assistant at my old high school Hamilton High. That act of support for my alma mater actually was the first step in my coaching journey. I’ve always taught my players the value of leaving your mark on this planet by giving back to the kids, non-profits, and persons in need. It’s the right thing to do!

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When an individual is focused on achieving a given task and acts upon a passion for excellence and enthusiasm, goals can be achieved. When these tasks are achieved with integrity, there is a great sense of respect for an individual. These individuals will possess an awareness of the value of human beings and perseverance. While happiness and peace is different for each individual, fulfillment is when goals are achieved without compromising standards. An even greater fulfillment is when I am able to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

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Coach Testimonials

“His genuine interest in the well-being for his players both on and off the court sets him apart.

I think his passion for what he is doing, his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Lon Kruger - Oklahoma University Head Basketball Coach

“The job Marvin Menzies has done at NMSU is nothing short of remarkable. He has created a winning

culture and an high academic expectation. His teams not only play as hard as any in the country, but with a purpose as well.”

Seth Greenberg - ESPN College Basketball Analyst

“Marvin Menzies is a coach that any mother or father would love to have their son play for.

He is a relentless recruiter, exceptional game planner and a winner.

He is a top notch x and o coach who runs a disciplined program. His record speaks for itself.”

Steve Fisher - San Diego State University Basketball Head Coach

“Marvin Menzies is a coach that

He is a relentless recruiter, exceptional game planner and a winner.

He is a

Rick Pitino -  the University of Louisville (2001–2017)